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Lifecycle Stages

Our Mission:

To offer a level of service through the entire lifecycle of our products that is unique, and unparalleled in the markets we serve. Through the identification of 7 product lifecycle stages we will build relationships with plant stakeholders, from process and mechanical engineers through to operation and maintenance personnel, focused on the optimized performance and lifespan of Chart proprietary equipment.
7 product lifecycle stages



Chart Lifecycle Inc will ensure correct procedures and best practice for the installation, operation and maintenance of Chart proprietary equipment.



Chart Lifecycle Inc is available 24/7, offering same day dispatch on standard spares and rapid deployment of a site services team.



Chart Lifecycle Inc comprises a multi-disciplined engineering team with many years experience designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining Chart proprietary equipment.



Chart Lifecycle Inc is committed to saving you money through the correct, safe and most efficient use of Chart proprietary equipment.


Chart Mission Critical Equipment - Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers and Cold Boxes - are at the heart of the cryogenic processes used in natural gas processing, LNG, petrochemical processing and industrial gas production.

Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers


Chart's brazed aluminum heat exchanger installed base is greater than all our competitors combined. We are the innovators; adapting the plate-fin concept from aerospace to produce the world's first 'industrial heat exchanger' more than 60 years ago, the first to introduce vacuum brazing and the original Core-In-Kettle®.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


Your one stop shop for air cooled heat exchanger technical support, parts, servicing, field support and troubleshooting. Speak directly with an expert, we don't use agents or intermediaries, and offer same day dispatch on standard parts and access to a huge parts inventory for all air cooled heat exchangers regardless of OEM.

Cold Boxes


Access our experts during the installation and commissioning phases and maximize the integration of process technology and proprietary equipment during operation.

BAHX Support Services

Chart Lifecycle brings a pro-active versus reactive approach to brazed aluminum heat exchangers that helps our clients mitigate the risks of plant downtime and the financial impact of lost production and revenue. Increased awareness and attention to operating data and process control help improve plant safety and reliability.

Chart incorporates the former Marston and Altec enterprises and, as such, Chart Lifecycle has access to data sheets and engineering detail for brazed aluminum heat exchangers manufactured by the respective organisations under their associated brands and trade names; including ALBRAZE, ALTEC, Altec International, Trane, The Trane Company, Marston, IMI Marston, Chart Marston, Marston Excelsior and Marston Palmer.

Services available include:

  • Repair and maintenance including internal cleaning and leak repair.
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance.
  • DCS data analysis.
  • Thermal transient analysis.
  • Process simulation.
  • Plant optimization including start-up, operation process controls and process efficiency improvements.
  • Commissioning/start-up support.
  • Operator training.
  • Long term service agreements.
  • Extended warranty, preservation and storage including periodic site monitoring and inspection of equipment at storage site.
  • Operation and maintenance.
  • Shutdown and turn-around.
  • Spare parts.

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Chart acquired Hetsco in 2017. The combined business is focused on extending equipment lifespan through a variety of services and with a particular focus on brazed aluminum heat exchangers. Hetsco is synonymous with providing highly skilled, emergency, specialty welding and construction services to the natural gas processing, petrochemical and air gas separation industries. Having completed site repairs across 44 states and more than 35 countries, we have a proud heritage of getting customer plants back on-line quickly and safely.

Find out how to optimize the health and performance of your heat exchanger fleet.

ACHX Support Services

Chart Lifecycle provides a full service scope for air cooled heat exchangers, from the parts, best practice and maintenance required to keep your coolers in perfect working order, through to tailored engineering solutions for upgraded performance. We offer total supply for Chart brands – Cooler Service Company, Happy Division, Tri-Thermal and Esex – extended inventory for Conrad, Goodfellow and Western brands and supply parts for all ACHX regardless of OEM.

Services available include:

  • Commissioning/start-up support.
  • Equipment check rates.
  • Like-kind replacement bundles (All OEMs).
  • Redesigned tube bundles that fit existing structure.
  • Troubleshoot performance issues and engineer solutions.
  • Temperature/pressure re-rates.
  • Bundle re-tubes.
  • Thermal performance and air-flow testing.
  • ACHX equipment upgrades.
  • Field service support for replacing parts.
  • On-site customer training.
  • Spare parts.

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